When I met my wife, she introduced me to her dog, Nemo.  "We come as a package," she said.

There's something I've learned from Nemo that I call The Wisdom of Dogs.  It's to do with an unspoken friendship, a shared joy, the preciousness of time.  I try to capture a sense of this in my photographs.

I volunteer as a photographer regularly for the East Bay SPCA and for Muttville in San Francisco.  I also photographed the 2017 calendar for Humane Society Silicon Valley.


"A lot of things can happen to a dog and they’ll still turn to the next person and give it a shot."               Alexandra Horowitz

I often photograph older dogs and I'm always touched by way their eyes are as bright as a puppy's.  A photograph of an older dog is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for the person who has everything.



How It Works

• How much does a portrait cost?
$320 for a full session in the studio, including:
  • A lively and fun photo session long enough (up to 2 hours) to get your person or pet comfortable with the camera and explore his or her personality in depth. A fun time will be had by all, with you at the center of attention.
  • One 10½ x 8” print.
  • $70 for one 10½ x 8” prints (8” prints if square.)
  • $250 for one 12½ x 18½” print (12½” print if square.)
  • $350 for one 16 x 23” print (16” print if square.)
  • Reprints are half price.
• Can I buy a gift certificate?
Sure. Please click here
• How long will my portrait take?
  • Doghouse Photos pet portraits usually take about an hour. Because these sessions are fun for all, we play it by ear, stopping when you've had enough or we're confident we've got a nice range of personality-rich photos.
  • Your previews will be ready for viewing in a couple of days, and after you've selected your favorites, you can pick up your finished prints about two weeks later.
• Can I get digital files?
Yes, you can get digital files of all the images you select to be printed.
• Where do you take these animal portraits?
Animals, unlike humans, won't necessarily pose obediently for a photograph. We have a purpose-built photography studio, specifically designed to get the very best image of your pet. Your animal’s coat will shine like never before with our exquisite studio lighting.
• Do you do backgrounds other than white?
For humans we do a variety of backgrounds. For pets, we have a purpose-built photography studio to get a crisp, white background. Most pets looks great against white.
• What should I do to prepare my pet?
  • The aim is to produce a beautiful, large image of your pet. Because your pet will often appear larger than in real life, details really show, so it might be a good idea to give your pet a bath before their photo session.
  • Please bring along your pet’s favorite toy and some treats.
• Can you photograph more than one pet at a time?
If they live together, we will photograph two animals together, for an additional fee of $100. We will attempt to get images of the animals together, but much depends on how comfortable they are together and how they behave on the day. (You’ve heard the expression about wrangling cats!)
• Do you photograph animals other than dogs?
Sure, but they must fit into the studio. Goats, possums, ferrets, cats are all welcome. Larger animals, such as horses, can be photographed, but it's a much bigger production. Please contact me to discuss animals other than dogs.
• What can I do with my photos?
Doghouse Photos retains copyright to all my pet photography, and your images are for personal use only. As such you are free to share them as you wish. You can put the retouched digital files on Facebook and enter them in contests. You cannot sell or license them.
• Do you do pet photography for commercial use?
Sure. Please contact us for details.