In 2018 I traveled in South America for several months. In Peru I saw many street dogs but I was struck by difference in the way they are regarded and treated compared to the US. The dogs are not regarded as vermin, but are loved as people in the US love the family pet and I would often see an adult or a child hugging a street dog. You can tell they are loved because they would happily come over to be pet where dogs in other South American countries were usually skittish.

Often the dogs had their own patch. I would ask people, “Is this your dog?” and they would reply, “No, but he’s always there. His name is…”

In Peru street dogs often wear collars. The government rounds them up and vaccinates them and a green plastic collar indicates that they’ve received their shots. It would be just as easy to remove the dogs, but instead they are cared for. Far more civilized.

These pictures were all taken on my iPhone as I wandered about or stopped for a bite to eat.