Children live in their own magical, bizarro bubble.  It's different for every kid, and it changes for each child over time.

I help parents capture a fragile, fleeting glimpse into these bubbles so you can remember it and treasure it.


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
 Aaron Siskind


Babies change so quickly.  They go through a cute phase and then two days later they're in a completely different cute phase. A baby portrait session is a wonderful gift for new parents.



How It Works

• How much does a portrait cost?
$320 for a full session in the studio, including:
  • A lively and fun photo session long enough (up to 2 hours) to get your child comfortable with the camera and explore his or her personality in depth. A fun time will be had by all, with you at the center of attention.
  • One 10½ x 8” print.
  • $70 for one 10½ x 8” prints (8” prints if square.)
  • $250 for one 12½ x 18½” print (12½” print if square.)
  • $350 for one 16 x 23” print (16” print if square.)
  • Reprints are half price.
• Can I buy a gift certificate?
Sure. Please click here
• How long will my portrait take?
  • Doghouse Photos portraits usually take about an hour. Because these sessions are fun for all we play it by ear, stopping when you've had enough or we're confident we've got a nice range of personality-rich photo.
• When can I see previews?
At the shoot we set up a time to sit down together to review the images we have shot. After you've selected your favorites, you can pick up your finished prints within two weeks.
• Can I get digital files?
Yes, you can get digital files of all the images you select to be printed.
• Can you photograph more than one child at a time?
At Doghouse Photos we specialize in the individual portrait, although rules are only there to be broken! We charge $100 for a portrait of an additional child.
• What can I do with my photos?
Doghouse Photos retains copyright to all my child photography, and your images are for personal use only. As such you are free to share them as you wish. You can put the retouched digital files on Facebook and enter them in contests. You cannot sell or license them.
• Do you do kid photography for commercial use?
Sure. Please contact us for details.