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About Doghouse Photos

Doghouse Photos' principal and founder is Mo Saito.

"I’ve always been in love with photography.  It’s magical to have, as tools of my trade, light, time, color and memories.

"The camera is a tool of meditation, forcing me to slow down and look more carefully, and a passepartout that opens a connection with people. Through my camera I’ve seen many things.

"I learned my craft assisting many of the world’s top photographers in New York, and started out as a fashion and portrait photographer in London."

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Mo Saito

Mo Saito's clients have included The Times, The Telegraph, The Fader, National Geographic, Levi Strauss (London), Sony, Boden, Grazia (London and Milan), Bark Magazine and Biba.  He has been published in London, Tokyo, Milan and New York.



“A single photograph is a mere fragment of an experience and, simultaneously, the distillation of the entire body of one’s experience.”

Shomei Tomatsu